"The Undiscovered *Money Machine!"

From Mark Walters

       The U.S. is full of thousands of junky mobile homes.  If you understand mobile home repair and rehabbing you can turn that "junk" into *gold! 

      You buy those ugly mobile homes dirt cheap, give them a quick rehab and sell them for a fast,  fat profit. You can do that IF you understand how to economically repair mobile homes.  Today there's not a better "fast profit" opportunity for real estate  investors anywhere!

      Look!  Here's the key that can make it happen for you - a one-of-a-kind manual written by a mobile home repair expert that easily guides you through most mobile home repair/rehab jobs. It's called...

"The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair & Upgrade" 


1) Underbelly repair & replacement 
2) Dead rodents - finding & removing 
3) Rotten floor - repairing & replacing 
4) Installing a laminated floor 
5) Replacing a cross-over heat duct 

6) Paneled wall makeover - make your walls look like textured sheetrock 
7) Upgrading your windows 
8) Vinyl siding installation tips 

9) Ceilings - building new 
10) Metal roof maintenance -- stop the rattling, seal it from leaks 
11) New Roof - upgrading to an inexpensive metal roof 
12) Installing a ceiling fan 
Bonus - Fixing a loose wall outlet box 

13) Plumbing add-ons -- fixture shut-offs, accessible main water shut-off, outside faucet 
14) Installing new waterlines 
15) Replacing a water heater 
16) Replacing a bath tub and faucet 
17) Heat Tape, eliminate or replace 
18) Washing Machine, settling the floor vibrations 
19) Unthawing a frozen waterline or sewer pipe 
20) Winterizing your home 

21) Re-leveling a mobile home 
22) Building a basement overview 
23) Installing pier footings 
24) Skirting - installing block, rock, vinyl, metal and insulated skirting 
25) Anchoring
26) Adding onto your manufactured home 
27) Building a solar heating panel 
28) Quick Tips including solutions for: 
* installing gutters 
* sweating windows 
* ceiling spots 
* floor squeaks 
* hanging pictures on thin walls 
* dead outlets 
* door-knob holes in walls 
..... and much more!! 


Dear Mark, “Just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas and strategies at the cashflowinstitute.com website. My recent purchase of the mobile home rehab manual combined with your free mobile home investing video helped me to put together a mobile home deal that netted me CASH!!! Thanks again for the great info.”


Jonathan Odell
Waldorf, MD

Exclusive Instruction - Not Available Elsewhere!

      This is an honest-to-goodness,  breakthrough manual.  Written by Mark Bower "The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair & Upgrade" is packed full of expert repair techniques. 

      But it's more than just doing repairs, it's also about upgrading and improving a manufactured home. 

     For instance, not only will you learn how to stop a metal roof from leaking, you'll also discover an inexpensive way to replace it. Want to re-level a home? 

      This manual gives you step by step instructions. Need to replace your waterlines? And lots more hard earned professional rehab knowledge.

      Mr. Investor, you just can't miss with all the dynamite rehab information found here. 

   Written By An Expert Doing Mobile Home Rehabs Daily!

     You'll learn from a guy with dirty coveralls!  Mark Bower is the owner and manager of a manufactured home repair company in South Dakota.  

      He's the real deal.  Every day he and his crew  are out in the trenches rehabbing and upgrading mobile homes. 

       He's not a guy sitting behind a desk interviewing contractors for a how-to book.   

      Mark is a pro rehabber who has written this manual from his own knowledge and experiences. 

      It's a one of a kind manual packed with information you won't find anywhere else.

      While most real estate investors are fighting over the few "ugly houses" available for rehab... you'll have thousands of mobiles homes all to yourself.  Big money just waiting for you to pick it up.

     Here's a hot tip no one has recognized!  Towable RVs!  You know -  travel trailers. 

     Americans love to travel in comfort and take their "home" with them.  They use'em, abuse'em and then want to dump them quick. The rehab techniques used on mobile homes work perfectly with travel trailers.  

      Hey, this rehabbing biz is great for do-it-yourself investors starting on a shoestring budge - or train a couple of handymen to do the work for you.

      By golly, this is your rare chance to jump into a profitable niche that few others even know about.  But, great opportunities like this don't last forever! Order your copy right now... before you lose track of this page. 

      And look at the price!  About what you would spend for a couple of dinners at Red Lobster!  Sure, you enjoy those dinners for a half hour, but this manual can change your life forever!  Order it right now...



P.S.  Mobile home rehabbing is a virgin field.  You don't have to compete with the thousands of investors trying to find "ugly" homes.

P.P.S.  Start with a minimum investment.  Ugly mobile homes are CHEAP!  With this rehab manual fix-up cost can be minimal. 

P.P.P.S. Low cost housing is in demand.  Your slicked up mobile homes will be quickly snapped up allowing you to get to your profit fast!

P.P.P.P.S. This manual is a perfect companion to Lonnie Scruggs "Deals On Wheels".  Lonnie gives you expert advise on buying and selling mobile homes. 

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