Learn How To Get Out of
Credit Card Debt And
Live Happily Ever After!

   Get out from under a mountain of credit card bills!
Stop those collection agency phone calls!
End those family money arguments!
   Learn to make your debt vanish!
Save your life with an easy to follow budget

       Your Happy New Life Starts NOW!

Cash Flow Institute offers a plan that could be your financial lifesaver. Smash your credit card debt and grab hold of a budget lifesaver.      

If you've reached the end of the line and are now determined to smash your destructive spending habits, here's the plan that can lead you to financial freedom.  

It's an exclusive plan packed into an easy to understand, bargain priced manual.

This 2-part system is the financial one-two punch you need to blast your way out from under that crushing debt! 

You will learn and put into motion the most resourceful and 
aggressive actions for killing your debt
in the shortest amount of time.

"How To Grab Financial Freedom!"

But the plan doesn't stop there.  You will learn how to make money work for you, instead of you working for money.  Yes, you will find an action plan for taking charge of your money.

First the plan will hand you a unique, advanced system for killing your debt - credit card debt, car loans, boat loans, bills and collectors.  Blast them out of your life! 

Then, with your debt dead, you can redirect all that payment money into an exciting plan for building financial freedom and all the happiness it will bring to you and your family. 

"This Plan is Your Escape Hatch!"

Learn how to get your credit card company to lower the interest rate you are being charged. This will SAVE YOU MONEY RIGHT NOW. It will also reduce the amount of your payments. 

  Learn how to get out of credit card debt while spending the least amount of money doing it. With this plan you may avoid using a debt consolidation loan, filing bankruptcy or other techniques that might prevent you from repairing your
credit rating as quickly as possible. 

  Credit card companies will finally treat you with the respect you deserve. 

Understand the time value of money. With this you will be able to be financially independent by a certain date in the future that you choose! This is the ultimate "stress free life style" tool. 

  You will learn to calculate how long it will take your money to double. Then learn how to make your money double faster so you can have more money quicker! This will enable you to REACH FINANCIAL SECURITY MUCH FASTER!

Build a budget that will automatically manage your money and let you sleep at night. 

Know how to create the right kind of goals that you can easily reach. With this method you will build momentum and become an unstoppable money building machine. 

  Master your investment choices: Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Roth IRA and much more. They will no longer be a mystery. 

     Choose only the investments you are most comfortable with. You will begin using these as tools to create financial peace of mind for you and your family. 

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     "How To Save Your Financial Life!"

Yes, you can dig yourself out of the hole of credit card debt. You can build a *financially free future that your friends and family will be proud of. This manual will give you the answers you've always needed!

Please understand...there is no magic. Those who say they can do a quick fix on your credit are just after more of your money.  

There is no easy way.  You have to dig in and do the job yourself!  You have to break old habits and have the determination to stick with this life saving plan. The plan will work if you will work the plan....

It will give you or someone you love the power to build an exciting new financial future.

             It's Guaranteed!

I call the manual:   

      "How To Kill Your Debts and Start Living!" 

It's packed with the tricks and techniques you need to get your money life back on track.  

The plan is easy to understand and you can put  it to work the moment you finish reading this "straight to the point" manual.

It's easy to read and understand.  There's no fluff.  It gets right down to the nitty-gritty and shows you exactly how to take control of your debt problems.

I want you to have this dynamic plan, so I've priced it at about what it would cost for one nice dinner at Red Lobster. You just can't afford not to get your hands on this vital, debt busting information.

Yes, the manual is cheap, but its contents are priceless.



Listen, I want this to be a risk free purchase for you, so the manual comes with an unconditional 12-MONTH GUARANTEE!

No fooling, try "How To Kill Your Debts and Start Living" for a full 12-months and if you are not pleased for any reason just send it back for a full refund of the manual's price.

Is that fair or what?  It's a "no risk" deal for you!


Free Bonus! 

To make this an offer you just can't pass up I want you to have another powerful manual I call 

  "Money Smarts!" 

This baby is worth the price all by itself, but it's yours at no extra cost when you order today.  It's packed with information about the smart way to:

  •  Set up checking accounts.

  •  Use credit cards.

  •  Manage home equity loans.

  •  Car leases.

  •  Car rentals.   

  •  ATM withdrawals

  •  Buy boats & RVs.

  •  Understand credit reports.

  •  Manage vacations expenses.

  •  Understand home equity loans.

  • ....lots more insider knowledge.

It's Time To "Just Do It!"

For you own good it's time to take charge of your financial life and start feeling good again.

Place your order right now for:

                   "How to Kill Your Debts and Start Living!"

         and the free bonus

                   "Money Smarts!"

This online order system is tested and secure, so you can order now with confidence and the manuals come with the 12-MONTH REFUND GUARANTEE so it's a no risk deal you for.

This is a real book!  No download hassles. 61 information packed pages, 8x11, soft cover.   

Now only

The sooner you have these power packed manuals the sooner you can get your life turned around.  We will rush them to you.  Order Right Now!



P.S.    It takes guts to give up living on credit and get your life in order.  By reading this you are sending yourself a signal that you are fed up with things the way they are now and you are ready to take charge of your life.  It won't be easy... but I know you can do it.  I'm sure your small investment here will be a powerful first step towards your financial independence!

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