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The Expert's Guide to Buying Land!

There are some things you just must know to be successful buying and/or developing land:

Some builders search for property strictly by geographic area. Others search for parcels that would enable them to reach particular buyer sub-markets (housing type, price range, lifestyle, age group). 
Either way, builders begin the investigation by sifting through a wide range of  potential acquisition candidates. 

They have to pick through dozens of properties before they find one they think they can develop profitably. 

Sometimes they can tell quickly if a property is worth pursuing further. More often, however, they don't know this until they spend varying amounts of time, effort and money collecting information about a site. 


In either case, their investigation focuses on obtaining answers to five fundamental but critical questions: 

What can I build? 
How many can I build? 
What can I sell them for? 
How long will it take to sell them? 
What are the costs?


How to Subdivide Land?

Zoning governs the uses that are permitted on your property, but it doesn't deal with how and to what extent you can subdivide it to create two or more parcels. 

For these issues, you would need to consult the municipality's subdivision and land development ordinance. 

These ordinances are amended periodically spell out: construction and design standards for site improvements.  

You'll need to understand requirements for curbs, sidewalks and streets.

Then there are safety issues (grades, street widths, angles at intersecting streets).

Next are issues like street lighting, grading and landscaping.

Finally there are  procedural requirements dealing with submission deadlines, size or paper and types of data to be shown on the plans.

Why Location is Important...

We've all heard about location, location, location. But why is it so important? 

The answer is very simple - location is the only thing about a property that you can't change. 

Wait a minute, you say. That's not correct because you can move the house. 

        That's true!

Maybe you can (although it's often not feasible and it's expensive to do). But even if you can move the house, you won't change the property's location because you can't pick the land up and move it.

It's the land that gives the property its location, not the house. The house isn't permanent. 

Only the land is permanent. For better or worse, you're "stuck" with a property's location. 

Location determines many things, including the current zoning, the types and values of properties in the vicinity, and the presence of public utilities. 

If you're thinking about developing a property, these issues can mean the difference between success and failure.

What the Land is Worth?

Many factors determine what a parcel of land is worth, including location, uses allowed by the zoning, the projected sale price of the end product, the number of lots, and the costs of development.

Basically, the value of land for residential development is calculated on a per-lot basis, not a per-acre basis. 

           The reason for this is simple. 

A 10-acre property may produce 5, 6 or 8 lots, but it won't produce 10 lots. 

Some part of the property will be "wasted" because of physical and other conditions. Consequently, the ultimate value of the land depends on what the parcel will yield.

Hey, There's Plenty More...

        We could go on, but you get the idea....  

There's a huge opportunity if you know what you're doing and now you can have the knowledge that winner's put you into the land buyers winner's circle.  The profit potential is truly stunning!

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